Cisco CUCM SQL – Set Extension Mobility Button Label

By 19th April 2018Cisco, CUCM, SQL

Over time with many hands on a system it is possible for configuration standards to fall out of sync, accessing the CUCM database is a great way to locate and fix incorrect configuration values easily. The example below was part of a multi parameter tidy up for a client who required a consistent label on handsets for their Extension Mobility Login service.

Sql Update
  1. UPDATE telecastersubscribedservice
  2. SET urllabel = "Login"
  3. WHERE (
  4. fkdevice IN (
  6. ts.fkdevice AS fkdevice
  7. FROM telecastersubscribedservice AS ts
  8. INNER JOIN device AS d ON d.pkid = ts.fkdevice
  9. WHERE ts.urllabel != "Login" AND LIKE "SEP%")
  10. )

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