Manual and Repetitive

The engineering hours required for manual configuration tasks can be significant and costsly increasing pressure on already lean teams and budgets leading to a knock on effect on more important business deployments.


Complex UC deployments rely on the configuration of many hundreds of parameters.  Repetitive manual tasks lead to errors, resulting in wasted time troubleshooting.

Custom Tools

We develop custom tools to harness the powerful API’s built into the Cisco UC product suite to enable you to carry out the tasks that you need, easily reliably and cheaply. Whether thats reporting, parameter verifcation, or mass configuration deployment.

Client Testimonials

“With ever increasing regulatory requirements and compliance demands for the voice recording of key business users, it became critical for us to have an automated process to reduce the administrative burden and avoid errors. We have worked with Ucdevops previously and knew that their extensive knowledge of the Cisco UC API suites would enable us meet this very unique challenge.
We commissioned them to provide us with an application based on the following requirements.
- Perform nightly recording capability checks for BIB/Privacy settings
- Dynamically provision voice recording of all user lines and compatible devices based on AD group membership and across all CUCM clusters.
- Produce a daily report of the recording status of all users, devices and lines for our compliance stake holders.
The results have far exceeded our expectations, the business now has confidence that we are recording the users that we need to, and can accurately report this to our stakeholders.
In addition we have been able to launch a new service for our non-recorded users, enabling them to have their lines recorded intraday if they have a particular call that they would like to record.”

Tim WoodInfrastructure Manager